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A stylus (plural: styli or styluses12) is a autograph utensil, or a baby apparatus for some added anatomy of appearance or shaping, for archetype in pottery. It can additionally be a computer accent that is acclimated to abetment in abyssal or accouterment added attention back application touchscreens. It usually refers to a attenuated continued staff, agnate to a avant-garde ballpoint pen. Many styli are heavily arced to be captivated added easily. Another widely-used autograph apparatus is the stylus acclimated by dark users in affiliation with the slate for punching out the dots in Braille.3

Styli were aboriginal acclimated by the age-old Mesopotamians in adjustment to address in cuneiform, Egyptians (Middle Kingdom), and the Minoans of Crete (Linear A and Cretan Hieroglyphic) fabricated styli in assorted materials: reeds that grew on the abandon of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and in marshes and bottomward to Egypt area the Egyptians acclimated styli from broken reeds with aciculate points; cartilage and metal styli were additionally used. Cuneiform was absolutely based on the "wedge-shaped" mark that the end of a cut reed fabricated back pushed into a adobe tablet, appropriately the name "cuneiform" from Latin cuneus = "wedge". The beeline writings of Crete in the aboriginal bisected of the additional millennium BC were fabricated on sun broiled adobe tablets that were larboard to dry in adjustment to become 'leather' adamantine afore they were incised by the stylus. The beeline attributes of the autograph was additionally dictated by the use of the stylus.


The chat stylus forth with the chat "style" came from the Latin chat stilus meaning: "a stake; a acicular instrument, acclimated by the Romans, for autograph aloft wax tablets,"4 which derives from the Greek chat στύλος acceptation "pillar" and "stile for autograph on waxed tablets."5 A altered advancement is that the chat does not acquire from the Greek chat "στῦλος", but that it has a accepted basis with the Greek verb "στίζω" (meaning "mark"). According to the 1875 London Dictionary of Greek & Roman Antiquities a Stilus is "an article cone-shaped like an architectural column; a metal apparatus akin a pencil in admeasurement and shape, acclimated for autograph or recording impressions aloft waxed tablets. It signifies:

"An adamant apparatus (Ov. Met. IX.521; Martial, XIV.21), akin a pencil in admeasurement and shape, acclimated for autograph aloft waxed tablets (Plaut. Bacch. IV.4.63; Plin. H.N. XXXIV.14). At one end it was acicular to a point for abrading the characters aloft the wax (Quintil. i.1 §27), while the added end actuality collapsed and annular served to cede the apparent of the tablets bland again, and so to obliterate what had been written. Thus, vertere stilum agency to erase, and appropriately to correct, as in the acclaimed axiom saepe stilum vertas (Hor. Sat. 1.10.72; Cic. Verr. II.41)."

There exists accessory altercation about the actual pluralization of "stylus". The anatomy "styli" or alike "stylii" has become acceptable, alike amid above American manufacturers of styli and online dictionaries, based on the affirmation that it is a absolute loanword from Latin. However, "stylus" is in actuality an English chat based on the Latin chat "stilus", and is added appropriately pluralized in English as "styli." Use of "stylii" is advised incorrect, as it would be based on the absent Latin chat "stylius".citation needed

Use in arts

Styli are still acclimated in assorted arts and crafts. Example situations: abrading off dry alteration letters, archetype designs assimilate a fresh apparent with carbon paper, and duke embossing. Styli are additionally acclimated to bite into abstracts like metal or clay.

Styli are acclimated to accomplish dots as begin in folk art and Mexican ceramics artifacts. Oaxaca dot art is created application styli.

Use in music recording and reproduction

In the complete recording industry, a stylus is a phonograph or gramophone aggravate acclimated to comedy aback complete on gramophone records, as able-bodied as to almanac the complete indentations on the adept record.

Several technologies were acclimated to almanac the sounds, alpha with wax cylinders,almost bisected a aeon afore the apparatus of the alluring cartridge. The harder the actual used, the harder the stylus has to becitation needed. For attack records, a disposable stylus softer than the almanac was about adopted for canning of the recording. The styli for arena vinyl annal are fabricated out of Sapphire or diamond.

Smartphones and computing

Modern day accessories such as touchscreen phones can generally be acclimated with a stylus to accurately cross through menus, accelerate letters etc. As before, the stylus is acicular at one end and is fabricated to fit in the anchor of a duke comfortably. These styli can be begin in all altered styles. For archetype abounding fresh phones like the Nokia 5800 and LG (C) Cookie accept a congenital in stylus which tucks in abaft the aback cover. Some styli may extend and arrangement into small, pen-like cylinders, which are accessible to put away.

Today, the appellation stylus generally refers to an ascribe apparatus usually acclimated with PDAs, cartoon tablets, Tablet PCs, and UMPCs. In this method, the user operates a touchscreen with a stylus, rather than application a finger, which avoids accepting the accustomed oil from one's easily on the screen. It additionally improves the attention of the blow input, acceptance use of abate user interface elements. Styli may be acclimated for autography or cartoon on the touch-sensitive apparent (e.g. the Nintendo DS).

Styli are additionally begin in use with bartering devices, decidedly for electronically retrieving signatures.

Scientific instruments

Stylus may additionally accredit to the apparatus acclimated to book a recording into smoked antithesis or glass. In assorted accurate instruments this adjustment may be acclimated instead of a pen for recording as it has the advantage of actuality able to accomplish over a advanced temperature range, does not clog or dry prematurely, and has actual baby abrasion in allegory to added methods. These characteristics were advantageous in assertive types of aboriginal seismographs and in recording barographs that were already acclimated to verify sailplane records. The styli acclimated in scanning tunneling microscopes accept alone a distinct atom at the tip; these are finer the sharpest styli possible.